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One of the most common reasons someone seeks out a family law attorney is to consider divorce or separation. No one goes into this decision lightly, and our clients facing divorce or separation are most concerned about how long it will take, whether it can be amicable, and how it will affect their children. At the Progress Law Firm, we understand your concerns, and we're committed to helping you have a "good" divorce where you and your partner work together to keep the best interests of your children front and center. Don't worry – we know that this won't be possible for a small number of our clients. In these situations, we'll be there to protect your financial interests and your parental rights.

At Progress Law, we handle family law cases involving asset division, spousal and child support issues, child custody, and visitation matters.

Divorce and Separation

Under California law, the most common legal reason cited for divorce is "irreconcilable differences." A divorce based on "irreconcilable differences" is California's version of no-fault divorce. Both parties agree that there is an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage, and attempts at reconciliation wouldn't be in your family's best interests. This reason is by far the most common grounds for divorce in the state.

Division of Marital Assets

In California, a couple's assets fall into one of two categories:

  1. Community Property: Community property is the property that a couple worked to accumulate during their marriage. Community property can include your home, 401K, pension, and savings and investment accounts. Regardless of whether one spouse worked or not, courts typically split community property equally between the couple. This rule also applies to debts acquired during the marriage, except for student loans.

  2. Separate Property: Separate property is property acquired before the marriage by each party, including gifts and inherited assets. Property acquired after separation by each party also falls under the "separate property" category. However, some assets acquired before marriage may become community property if commingled during the marriage. For example, if one spouse brings a home into the marriage, but then the couple uses marital assets to pay the mortgage over 20 years, this home may now be community property.

Child Support, Custody, and Visitation:

During a divorce, most couples with children consider custody and visitation to be their greatest concern. If you and your partner can't agree to a custody and visitation schedule, the courts will step in and determine the "best interests of the child" to determine custody and visitation. The court can award joint physical and legal custody or sole physical and legal custody.

Whether your divorce and custody matter is mutual or contested, you need a skilled California family attorney by your side, protecting your interests. California divorce laws aren't simple. That's why the Progress Law Firm offers comprehensive family law advice and representation. 

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