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Facing an arrest in California can be one of the most frightening experiences you and your family will face. You may not know where to turn or what to do. It's important to know that an arrest and a criminal charge doesn't mean that a court will convict you. But you need a proactive, aggressive criminal defense to protect your rights.

There are three categories of crimes in California, including infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Infractions don't result in any jail time but may involve fines. For example, a speeding ticket is often an infraction. A misdemeanor is more serious, and a felony charge is the most serious category of crime in our criminal justice system. At Progress Law, we handle infractions, misdemeanor, felony, juvenile, and DUI cases throughout the Los Angeles area.

Misdemeanor Defense: A conviction for a misdemeanor crime can result in jail time of up to one year in California. A conviction for a misdemeanor is not just a "minor offense." It is a criminal conviction that can affect your ability to work in certain careers or even attend college or receive financial aid.

Felony Defense: A felony conviction in California can result in jail or prison time of more than one year. A felony conviction can have long-term repercussions on your career, your ability to obtain employment, and even your ability to get a mortgage or rent an apartment.

DUI Defense: Many people think of driving under the influence as a traffic violation. However, under California law, it is a criminal violation charged as a misdemeanor or felony rather than an infraction. A DUI conviction can be punished with jail time. A conviction can also lead to loss of your license, suspension of a professional license, or loss of employment in some cases. At the Progress Law Firm, we can help.

Juvenile Defense: When a juvenile faces criminal charges, the process can differ greatly from the typical California criminal court. In California, juvenile crimes are "acts of delinquency," involving a judge, rather than a jury, to determine guilt and any possible sentence. Under California's Proposition 21, prosecutors may charge some juveniles accused of violent crimes as adults as young as the age of 14. But most juvenile crimes will go through the juvenile court system. At Progress Law, we help juveniles at this critical venture, protecting their rights and their futures.

If you're facing a criminal charge in the LA area, this isn't something you should try to handle alone. You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer. At the Progress Law Firm, we can help. Attorney Violet Dersahakian's experience with the LA County District Attorney's Office and the King County Public Defender's Office gives her unique insight into how prosecutors approach criminal cases and how they will build their case against you. Let the Progress Law Firm use this inside knowledge to fight your criminal charges.

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